Our Greenbelt 2013 picks

Here at Collective HQ we care about all things social justicey and poverty over..ry.

With this in mind we look ahead to Greenbelt 2013 and have highlighted some of the events and music that no budding activist or social justice campaigner can afford to miss:

Live Music:

Amadou & MariamI’ll be honest. I don’t know a great deal about this dynamic due from Mali. I would definitely tip them to be a must see though, having listened to 2 of their tracks on YouTube. Traditional African beats meets English folk meets modern electro. Tell me that doesn’t sound interesting?

Duke Special – Any Greenbelt veterans amongst you can’t have failed to witness Duke Special over the past 2 years. If you’ve not previously prescribed to his whirlwind circus of craziness and steam punk folk vibe then don’t miss this!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – The inclusion of BRMC in the 2013 Greenbelt line-up hints at a festival with a harder edge. The San Franciscan rockers have been around since 1998 and are veterans of the stage. If you’re more inclined to concrete guitar hooks and marshal stack amps then the main stage on Sunday night will be the only place to be.


Greenbelt 2013 Body

Bidisha - Bidisha is a writer, critic and TV and radio broadcaster specialising in the arts and culture, social justice and international affairs. In short she’s a bit of a genius.

Vicky Beeching – Vicky is an academic researcher a theologian a broadcaster a writer and a former worship leader. Her talk at last year’s festival: Wired Worship and Virtual Virtues was amongst my favourites. For this reason alone you should make time to see what she has to say this year.


Milton Jones

The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company – Do we really have to explain what this is? You’re curious though aren’t you?

Talking Bird’s: The Wale – I think all of us at some point have wanted to experience a 3 minute theatre production within the belly of a whale, right? Well, the wait is over.

Inua Ellams – I had the pleasure to meet and work with Inua a few years ago when he was just another South Bank poet. Author, playwright, poet, actor…you name it he’s done it and his inclusion in the Greenbelt line-up this year is a real coup.

Milton Jones – He’s back for the first time since 2011. Milton Jones will be gracing Greenbelt with his presence again this year and will be performing on Friday night.

Places to go:

Tiny Tea Tent – For years the Tiny Tea Tent have fought a fierce nonviolent battle with the Chai Chapel for prominence in the ‘Chai Latte’ wars. We think the Tiny Tea Tent just have the edge, but only because it's open latte. See what we did there? Sorry. They're both great.

If you feel that we've left anything out then let us know in the comments.

For a full list of speakers, workshops, music and events at Greenbelt head here.

See you there!

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