Leftovers for Africa

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Don't be ridiculous!

Of course, the idea behind Leftovers for Africa is ridiculous. It is however, a scandal that 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry tonight. That’s enough people to make up the combined population of Europe, America, Australia and Canada...

If we really want to solve the problem of hunger we need to take real action: action that will tackle the root problems that are keeping people trapped in poverty, and to do this we need to get our leaders to use their power to make a difference.

So here’s what we need YOU to do, right now: Join us in asking Vince Cable to ensure that tax dodgers can’t hide money in invisible accounts. If we succeed, we’re one step closer to ensuring that $160 BILLION dollars goes back into the pockets of poor countries. Read more here.

Ask Vince Cable to show us the money:

Want to go one further? There’s loads you can do to make a difference. Why not head to our Take Action pages for lifestyle actions, lobbying resources, blogging opportunities and more.

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